I am currently writing this on the plane but once this is posted and you are reading this, we will already be in Vegas! VEGAS!

Danielle and I are on our way out early, plane departed at 6:34, to hopefully have everything situated by the time Robbie and her mom arrive.

Our plan of attack is to land, drop bags at the hotel, and try to find the venue. Once we can check in we will unpack all of the bags and make sure the room is in order. At that point Dani and I are going to find a grocery store and pick up all potential foods that we will need for Robbie e’s peaking process and will ideally have all of her protein and vegetables prepared before she even arrives. We packed a suitcase with all cooking essentials, including a skillet to cook all the food in the hotel.

She is looking better and better each day, I am very pleased with how her check-ins looked this morning. She is very flat and we are seeing more lines every morning. Her peaking process will vary on a meal to meal basis but I do believe we will need to feed her a good bit to get her to fill out after we pull all the water.

Today we are just doing Pro/Veg in all of her meals prior to the flight and will assess carb needs once she lands. She will more than likely get 1-2 extra meals today in accordance to the time change.

A rough itinerary will follow.


Robbie (potentially) last training session at 5AM

Check-in at hotel at 11AM

Prepare all food

Robbie and her mom land around 6 or 7 (don’t quote me)

Short walk following them settling in. Just to get moving after the flight.

Relax. Eat. Relax. Eat. Sleep.


Short walk in AM and assess whether training is necessary.

Meals will be every 3 hours with what I am assuming will collectively be 200-300g of carbs for the day.

Dani will do trials of hair and makeup throughout the day to fine tune what we would like that to look like

Initial base coat of tan will take place at night


All about peaking, Robbie will get looked at after and between each meal and her food will be decided at that time. Water and salt manipulations will be on the same basis.

2 top coats of tan today and any other details will be established with her and Danielle.

Wednesday morning:

Game time, the work is done

Tan touch ups, makeup, and hair bright and early

Finals immediately follow prejudging so we will know where she falls fairly early in the day

This has been an amazing experience so far and I am certain the next few days will be nothing short of that as well. I will keep you all posted!

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